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    Would you like:
  1. Fast Database/Table Web Page Solutions?
  2. Control over which tables to use?
  3. Muliple Database platforms?
  4. And all of this in a simple, easy-to-use application?
With little or no trouble at all, create your choice of combinations - insert/update/delete/listing solutions - all with paging, sorting and search capabilities!

Then, SG7 is the program you're looking for!
Output your web pages in multiple platforms:
ASP.Net (1.1)
Connect to multiple Databases:
MS Access
MS SQL Server

Pricing Information
Pricing is only $49 per developer, with a 5 developer license pack for $225.
Purchasing can be done directly through the application interface, or by this
Direct Purchase Link

ScreenShots: Click on each image for a popup image, and size as needed:

Note: This application does not work with any Operating Systems after Windows 7!
Download 25 Day Trial Version Locally
or Download here:
Get it from CNET!
Download latest (EXE only) (be sure to download exe, along with the full installation, if this will be a new install. Install package not updated as of yet.)
Version Changes:
SG7_VersionChanges Version 1.1
Build 123
bug that would not open the help file when choosing it from the menu
Without creating any table preferences for the main profile, html table's background would be black

Build 124
TinyInt Datatypes in SQL Server were getting ignored.
Build 127
Bug fix: Viewing all fields sometimes would not work correctly, when selecting table. Bug fix: when searching data, if result set was multi-paged, sorting and paging wrongly sent user back to original page. About page background would appear completely black on some systems.
Build 128
Square brackets surround all field names with Insert and Update statements, to compensate for fields named with reserved words.

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