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Please accept our apologies. I have found out that for some time, our store has effectively been 'broken'.
It's now back open and available here:

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Mobile Adapter Tool - the first tool of it's kind!
August Wind Software's Mobile Adapter Tool provides an easy way to generate and insert the SharePoint entries in the Compat.Browser file and the web.confg file necessary to use your own custom Mobile Adapter.

Not only that, but it allows you to install and uninstall your new Mobile Adapter in the GAC without having to go to a command prompt!
Replace It! - the newest  from August Wind!
Have you ever needed a light-weight Search and Replace tool that can work with either single files or multiple files?

Replace It! can easily search and replace multiple files within a specified folder, replacing all instances of your specific string with another text string!

Replace It! can work with any text-based file. Right out of the box, it works with Text (.txt) files as well as a large group of text-based Web Files (htm/html/php/asp/aspx/inc/asa/vb/cs/css/js). Plus with the Options dialog, you can add more extensions to the Web Files that Replace It! will work with!

Check it out here

Calendar Express - HTML Calendar Maker Calendar
Quickly and easily create an html page with a calendar, based on your input, which can quickly be Published to your website. .

This application requires the .Net Framework 2.0, and can be used on Windows XP and Vista.

With little or no trouble at all, create a calendar consisting of one week or a whole month, customized the way you want it!>

Check it out here

ControlGrouper - ASP.Net Control

In a nutshell:
August Wind Software's ControlGrouper provides a way to easily control properties for multiple controls, in one way or the other, with only one event handler. Properties which may be controlled are: 

  • Visible
  • Enabled 
  • Width

Additionally, you can easily remove all the text for multiple controls, using the ControlGrouper.
For instance, when submitting a form, all textboxes added to the ChosenContrlols collection of a particular ControlGrouper, can have the text removed, by using the Boolean property of the ControlGrouper itself.

Register and download   ControlGrouper or iWrite Professional from the August Wind Download page  and be entered for many exciting prizes, including the latest books, and, in September, an MSDN subscription (more contest information is may be seen on the download page)

Plus, for a limited time, there's a discount of over 25% off the purchase price, so don't miss out!

For more information about ControlGrouper and online samples, please go to the
ControlGrouper website  
( http://cg.AugustWind.com )

iWrite Professional - Do you need a light-weight word processor that can save/export to multiple filetypes (including html, without bloating!), and can export directly to PDF?

Your wait is over! Check out these features:

  • Standardized WYSIWYG Word Processing
  • Document Conversion (From and to RTF, From and toDocument Conversion
    (From and to RTF, From and to DOC/Docx, From and to HTML)
  • Easy PDF conversion - One Click Export to PDF!
  • Many other great PDF features

SG7-Solution Generator - Quickly and easily create database solutions directly from your database tables.
Platforms supported are ASP, ASP.Net and PHP. Supported databases include SQL Server, MS Access and MySQL (with PHP).
With little or no trouble at all, create insert/update/delete/listing solutions with paging, sorting and search capabilities! Check it out here

Data Management Tookit
Finally - an easy-to-use application to help the Developer manage data! -
For Windows NT, 2000, XP (32-bit Windows)

Manage all your MSDE/SQL Server/MYSQL/Access Databases with the same Interface!

ASP Express It's an ASP Editor! -- -- No -- It's an HTML Editor.
Well -- It's Both!!
At Last - an editor that doesn't make you choose between the two worlds that are so close together.

Code Librarian - Easily store Code Snippets and Newsgroup repetitive posts for easy re-use

HTML Express TM - a text based HTML Editor
(Version 3.0)

Music To Your Ears - a program to aid the songrwriter/guitarist
or any person trying to figure out chords in a song
New!! - - - Music To Your Ears - Now Free (Post-Card-Ware)!
A simple phone book for the rest of us!

Please, email your questions or comments to : (questions@augustwind.com)
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