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address/phone book


Phonez is mainly meant be just what it sounds like - a Personal Phonebook, but it's much more than that! You can store all kinds of important data about each person listed in the phone book - birthdates, significant other, email address, and it also has a very impressive extra notes section which allows you to enter the 'miscellaneous' data about each person that doesn't quite fall in the normal phone book categories.

Screen Shots:

This is the 'Show All' View:

Here is the Single Record/Update View:

In this view, you can see all the extra individual data that can be reviewed for each individual name.

DownLoad Now
(new Version - 1.23)
Download data file (put in subdirectory with Phonez.exe)

Purchase Information --- Post-Card-Ware
If you decide to keep using Phonez
    Go to and purchase it for $5, using the link below....
    Send me a Post Card (a nice one) from the city where you live - a post card with a picture on the front that has something to do with your city. I added in the postcard part because I thought it would be interesting to have physical items to show what parts of the country are using my program.

    Once payment is received, I will email you the registered EXE file

    I hope you enjoy the program and I thank you for your support and comments!

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