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HTML ExpressTM - a text based HTML Editor - Version 3.02
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Code Librarian to store and create customizable code snippets
Color codes HTML tags
Formatting pages with Cascading Stylesheets couldn't be easier - it's built in!

Cleans up html files which come from other file systems (Unix, Mac).
FTP support built in. 

JavaScript support (Script, function, & event handler shells), as well as CSS support
META tag support
Convert International characters to HTML form (and back again)  with one keystroke!

EASILY create a table from Tab delimited text - On the FLY! - Just copy & paste sections of EXCEL or Access files - then create a table around the data!

Many 'Assistants', to automate the most laborious HTML chores, like --
Now - with Web Safe Colors built in!
FONT FORMAT Assistant! Now - Change Font size (relative or absolute), color and face all in one place

Imagine - setting up Frames, Forms or Tables in seconds!

HTML ExpressTM saves and opens files in .map, .css, .htm, .html & .txt formats. It has an internal viewer that works if MSIE 4.0 or above is installed, otherwise, it calls up your operating system's default browser to view it.

Anchors are easily insertable in either Visible or Invisible mode

When using the LINKS Assistant, a list of internal Named Anchors is Automatically   put in a pulldown menu for easy coding!

When selecting & formatting text, the selection stays highlighted so you easily add more formatting to the selection

And - only one Toolbar! Your page isn't overcrowded with pop-up toolbars like many of today's HTML Editors.

HTML ExpressTM lets you get your work done the way YOU want it, not the way some WYSIWIG editors and Word Processors-turned HTML Editors interpret your needs.

Take a look at some HTML ExpressTM Screen Shots!

For a more in-depth view of what HTML ExpressTM can do for you, take a look at:
HTML ExpressTM Help Files

ShareWare Information
You can check it out for 25 days and see if you like it. If, at that point, you decide to keep the software, please send in your
shareware fee of $20 (Texas residents must pay 8.25% sales tax).
Otherwise, how can you keep small developers like me from being run over by the big guys? Also, keep in mind that this is not like many other shareware programs. This is a fully functional program!

And - as always - if you would like to see a new feature in HTML ExpressTM ,let me know (
I'm always looking for ways to improve it!

Downloads Available::
V3.02 Download Site #1

If you've already downloaded 3.01 or earlier, here's the 3.02 EXE only file. Once you've unzipped it, just delete the HTML ExpressTM exe file and replace it with this one

To Purchase with Credit Card- Click Here
Just send a check for $20(US) to:
David Wier
2821 Fern Glen
Garland, TX 75043

My personal notes on HTML ExpressTM :
I have found that doing an HTML page is sometimes very tedious, but once you know HTML in general, an editor like HTML ExpressTM can help you get by all the tedious tasks required by coding HTML manually. There are many WYSIWIG editors on the market today, but to date, I have found no replacement for coding with straight HTML/Text. Most WYSIWIG editors only give you so much - and sometimes too much - then, you have to get your hands dirty cleaning things up the way you really need it to look. This is where HTML ExpressTM shines. When you code something as simple as a paragraph, you code it the way you want, not what your WYSIWIG editor thinks it should be. And, since you are coding in text - if you want to just type in your HTML code, you can.

For more information, contact |

Bug Reports
When sending information concerning a bug in HTML ExpressTM , please send in as much detail as possible, like which version of Windows 95 or NT, what exactly you were doing when the problem happened, what you expected to happen and what actually did happen, and which browser you are using if it's a viewing problem.
Click here to Send in a Bug Report
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