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Data Management ToolKit - - Now Available!
For Windows 2000, XP
Manage all your
SQL Server 2008/2005/SQLServer 2000/MSDE/MS Access/MySQL
Databases with the same Interface!

Finally - an easy-to-use application to help the Developer manage databases! -
With DMT, you can Create, Delete, Edit Table Structures, as well as Data. Also, with the built in Visual Query Builder, it's possible to build and save often used queries for running at any time.
Now only $49.00!!
Please purchase by using the
'Buy Full Version'
link in the reminder screen, either before or after running the program
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  • Visual Query Builder
    • (SQL/MSDE/Access/MySQL)
  • Create/Edit Databases
    • (SQL/MSDE & MySQL)
  • Create/Edit Tables
    • (SQL/MSDE & MySQL & MS Access)
  • Create/Edit Views
    • (SQL/MSDE)
  • Create/Edit Stored Procedures
    • (SQL/MSDE)
  • Add/Manage Logins
    • (SQL/MSDE & MySQL)
  • Add/Manage Database Users
    • (SQL/MSDE & MySQL)
  • Add/Edit live data - in place
    • (SQL/MSDE & MySQL & MS Access)
  • Quick Data - Fast Basic queries of tables
    • (SQL/MSDE & MySQL & MS Access)
  • Query Stored Procedures
    • (SQL/MSDE)
  • Manage Remotely
    • (SQL/MSDE & MySQL)
Data Management Toolkit
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Shareware - Evaluation period : 45 days

(by downloading this software, you are stating that you agree to the EULA for DMT)

Download locations:
Get it from CNET!
Data Management Toolkit (Alternate location - local download) (8.1Mb)

If you have a version smaller than v1.1, you can download the newest EXE (v1.1) zip file here
(registered owners may need a new license key - if so, just contact August Wind Software)


Quick Data
Quick Data queries
Real-Time Query Results
Stored Procedure - Edit/View
View/Edit Stored Procedures
Execute Stored Procedure
Execute Stored Procedures
Table Designer
Create/Edit Table Design
Visual Query Builder
Visual Query Builder (Load and Save Queries)

Hardware requirements

Hardware Minimum requirements
Computer IntelĀ® or compatible
Pentium 166 MHz or higher.
Hard disk space 15 MB (including auxiliary controls)
Monitor VGA or higher resolution
800x600 or higher resolution required
Pointing device Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

Software requirements

Software Description and URL to download
Operational System Windows NT/2000/XP
MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components).  


MDAC version 2.8, available to download from   Microsoft Data Access and Storage Developer Center MDAC Downloads page
MySQL connectivity driver MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver available to download from  

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